Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Latest from Collin

Well, Elder Winget has been doing well lately. He was recently called to be the district leader, and we got a nice letter from his mission president saying that he conducted a really good district meeting :) He told us last week that the water had been shut off in his apartment, and the only water they had was bottles of water that a former missionary there had filled up and left in the apartment- kind of like food storage, I guess! They have access to the other apartment, so they have been traveling over there to shower. He and his companion have been teaching a wonderful man named Atiu Atiu ( reminds me of a sneeze!) for a few months now, and it sounds like things are going very well with him :D
I have been very busy with Primary lately, so I haven't put up a new Picassa album yet, but I hope to sometime this week. Hmm... I'll put up a few pictures in this post. Remember a few months ago when Collin said he had octopus for dinner? Here's a picture of it! Yuck. And here's a picture of the view from his new apartment.

Here's an excerpt from his latest letter:

As for news this week... Hmm.. Last week was my first week in Ducos/VDT and we didn't get very many lessons and it was a little bit discouraging.. But this week we got almost double, found some new people that should be good, and talked to lots and lots of people. So I guess it just takes a couple days to get used to the sector. Also I think I will be keeping the car in Ducos, even when there are transfers. That would be really helpful with Exchanges and stuff. We'll see though. I did an exchange with the Senior Zone Leader - Elder Folkman and it went well. I think I learned a lot too, so that's what's important. Hmm.. Not a lot else has happened. Life is good. :) OH something did happen, Atiu told me at church "hey, could you give me a white shirt?" and I'm like yeah sure I'll bring some over tomorrow and he's like "cool, cuz I think i wanna be baptized!!"" And I'm like AH! Okay, we'll talk about that tomorrow, eh? So we have a lesson at 6 today with him... I think we'll have our first baptism date in Ducos! :D Also, about the water I talked about last time.. I called Caledonien des Eaux and they said that it is because the water bill has never been paid!! And so Elder Folkman figured it out and it was supoosed to be our apartment owner people and they just weren't paying it because of like a mixup somewhere.. Anyway, it's sorted out now and we SHOULD have water soon. Still not yet, but hopefully before Wednesday, cuz that's transfers. We'll see!

Well, that's all. I love you!
Ldr Wngt

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