Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy Lady Attacks Collin!

Here's the latest from Elder Winget:

We had Zone Conference yesterday... It was awesome. I had to translate into English for Sister Ostler and i did a really good job. I also had to translate in French for the French elders and sisters (cuz President Ostler does his speach in English) for some of the time, and they all said I did a really good job. I was really really happy and I know it was a direct answer to prayers. I prayed really hard that it would work out; I was scared of letting a bunch of people down. But it's going good.

So, cool story. So I was walking down the street and I said Bonjour to this lady, and she kind of looked down and pretended she hadn't heard me, so I'm like, meh whatev. Then I kept walking and right as she passes me she GRABS MY TIE and screams BONJOUR!!!!! And scared the crap out of me! I actually had this.. tie to shirt holder thing.. Hard to explain, but long story short she actually ripped it and a little bit my tie. And I was like WHAT THE!? So I look at her and she just keeps walking. Then she's like Elders! Venez! - means come, come over here, follow me, etc. And we're like um, Madame, uh.. And she just walked off. And I'm like okay, I am not following that absolutely crazy woman. And that's the end of my story.

Hey also I wanted to say I asked president if I was allowed to email my friends at all, and he said no, it would be better if i didn't, and just asked parents to email for me. So, could you tell everyone on the blog that I can GET emails, and I will read them, but i will not be able to respond. I might tell you to send an email to someone every once in a while. For instance, could you tell Brittanny and Ayisha THANK YOU I just barely got their pacakge. The reason why it took 2 months to get to me was because they wrote FIJI on the end of it. Could you just remind people of my address, and that they don't have to write fiji at all? cool. Thank you very much! I love you a lot and tell the family that I love them too. I'll send some pictures next week, k? Cool. I love you!

I will try to figure out how to keep Collin's address permanently on the sidebar of the blog, but until then here it is again:

for letters:
Elder Collin Winget
Bureau de la Mission
BP 15154
98804 Noumea Cedex
(it costs 94 cents to send a letter)

for packages:
Bureau de la Mission
BP 15154
98804 Noumea
attn: Elder Collin Winget

* It's important to put the address on exactly that way, since the post office overseas is very, very picky!! We have been lucky so far, only 2 letters lost, but other missionaries haven't been as lucky :( If you have any questions at all, please call me or Channing!

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