Monday, September 29, 2008

another Picassa album is ready

I added some more pictures to Picassa this morning. A quick way to see them is to go to a link over on the left of any of the other Picassa albums, such as "MTC pictures part deux", click on My Photos, and it should bring you to a menu of all Collin's albums we have up so far. Then just click on the ones you want to see. Collin sent us quite a few little video clips, and I will put one up every now and again. Channing put a few up on Collin's facebook page, so you can see some there also. I'm planning on doing a post that has some quotes from his recent emails and letters, but I don't have time right now, but I hope you enjoy the pictures! Here is Collin doing the "tim tam slam"( more info in the Picassa album)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Pictures on Picassa

Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken me so long to put up the Picassa pics, but now they're here! The first installment is ready to view. More will come ASAP. Collin mentioned in today's email that some of you have been asking for pictures :) 
   In today's email,Collin says he will get to watch General Conference, but not until the week after it's broadcast. He is pretty sure he can even watch it in English, because he says if it was all in French he wouldn't understand very much of it yet. They had a baptism scheduled for last week, but it had to be postponed until October.  They have another baptism scheduled soon, but I'm not sure when. Collin is doing well, and loves living in New Caledonia. He misses ranch dressing, Reese's p.b. cups, and starburst, but there's plenty of food to like in New Caledonia as well. Check out the pictures in the new Picassa album - you'll see he gets to eat tim tams, Crax cereal, and hamburgers on french baguettes, among other things. Last week he ate lobster at a member's house, and Soane, a man they just baptized, made them octopus (yikes!) but Collin said it was quite good! There's a picture of Soane, with Elder Winget, Tekurio, and Huuti.
  Well, it's late, and I need to go to bed. I will put up more pictures and maybe some video sometime this week.  Collin wants me to pass on to you all how much he appreciates the letters you send him - letters from home mean a LOT to missionaries! So thanks everyone!!