Thursday, April 22, 2010

Only a Few Weeks Left

Well you're not gonna believe it.. But I'm actually going to be serving with Elder Amundsen until the end of my mission!! Whahaa?? Weird eh? It's fun though- we're just chillin in Robinson- that's in Mont Dore. I miss the Tontouta branch- and it is kind of lame that I don't have enough time left to get to know the people in the Mont Dore branch.. So nobody will care when I leave. They'll be like oh that kid that has been in our branch for 3 weeks is leaving. Tant pis. But whatever, it's okay. It's kind of fun to be serving en ville again- it's weird to see all the missionaries and lots of people all the time. I am used to seeing.. nobody... all the time.

It's really really weird-- I will be IN FIJI 3 weeks from this very moment. It feels like my mission has just begun.. And it's pretty much over. Sigh.. It's sad, but happy, but sad at the same time. I have strange mixed feelings- it doesn't seem like I will ever actually leave.. I'm just a missionary, I have never been nor ever will be anything else. I vaguely remember being a normal person-- but not really. I am really excited to apply all the things I've learned on my mission in the real world though-- I feel like I get a new chance on life that I didn't get before.. A new life but this time my priorities are a little bit more in order- and I've grown up just a little bit. I think I'm different from the beginning of my mission- I hope that I won't make the same mistakes now that I would have made before. I have grown to know my Savior more fully- and I have such a great desire to serve Him. I think that's the most important thing I've learned on my mission- I've learned that my priorities should be on the Lord first- and that everything else will fall into place- and all bad things (that I don't really want or need anyway) will just fall out of my life.

I was sort of worried that in becoming what I am now I wouldn't like the stuff I liked before-- but I realized that it doesn't matter. I am better now than 2 years ago and I'm happy about it. I've made mistakes on my mission but I am pleased for the most part at what has come from it. 4 people have changed and made covenants and are working to serve the Lord and His kingdom that weren't doing it before- and many other people have made changes.. Whether small or large- and I am confident that there will be more people that will change and get baptized through my efforts. I'm happy I was able to serve a mission. I love New Caledonia and I'm sure I'll get a chance to come back some day.

As far as Robinson goes, we've got a baptism coming up the 8th of May normally, and another one the 22nd- sadly I won't be there for the second one (the reason I was saying I wanted to extend) but now that Elder Amundsen is here, he'll take care of it. And as long as the people here change-- I'm not too worried about being there for the "glory" of having a baptism... I just want people to change for the better.

We have a great amie whose name is Simone- she is a sick lady, but has an amazingly strong faith. She has cancer, and is really weak- she's losing lots of weight because she lives alone and doesn't eat much. She says she's 47 kilos- which I think is barely over 100 pounds. She is doing great though, she is the one who is preparing to be baptized the 22nd of may. We made dinner for her last night and went over to her house and ate it with her. She really has the faith of a small child- and she uses it. When she hurts, she prays. When she's sad- she prays. And the cool thing is, because her faith is strong, she has the power to overcome her .. how do you say.. epreuves. Bah, I forget. She's wonderful though- I know she's going to be a great member of the church and has already applied the gospel in her life.
(I looked up epreuves - it means tests... it's cute that he is forgetting english! )

We had another ami who was preparing to be baptized- he's a Wallisian and he has a strong testimony. But he's starting to slip.. we're losing our rendezvous with him, and he's starting to push us off a little bit-- I'm really worried about it. But we're doing our best with him. I think he'll come back-- if not sooner, he'll definitely be back later. I definitely won't see him baptized, but I know that someone else will.

Our other amie who is preparing to be baptized is a girl named Amelie. I think she's 15- and she's the niece of the branch president here. I'm impressed with her desire to be baptized-- I know how 15 year olds minds work, especially out of the church, and most don't really give a care about anything. But she's goign to church every week, she's friends with all the YW and she's preparing to be baptized. I hope I get to see her baptized before I leave. Her date is for the 8th- so normally I will.

Well other than that, elder Maker is coming back to the sector soon- he will be my replacement. We will be in a 3some for my last 3 weeks, then he and Elder Amundsen will be together for 3 weeks- then.. who knows. But I hope we can get him ready to take care of the branch.. He's a new missionary, but we're hoping we can help him out.

well, that's all the news for this week
Elddr wingt

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A wonderful baptism - and transfers

Well.. There is much news. Victor Boa got baptized!! It went really well... And I was ever so happy that it happened. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong- but thankfully we were smarter than everyone else. The person who was supposed to fill up the font at 2:30 (the baptism starts at 4) didn't show up until 3:45.. Anyway, he was like Yeah i was worried no one was going to fill up the font. (???!?!?!?!?) BUt thankfully we are smart missionaries and we came at 2:00 and filled up the font, cleaned out all the leaves and dirt, got out the tables for refreshments and got everything set up, and prepared for talks. Sure enough, the people who were supposed to give prayers and talks didn't show up. Thankfully the Bearune's stepped up- they are amazing- and did prayers and music. Then our dear DMB made a mistake and said ELDER WINGET WILL GIVE THE TAALK and I'm like.. WHAT!? SO I gave a talk- 0 preparation- on both the baptism and the don du Saint-Esprit. WACK! But it went really well- the most important part was that he did get baptized! Pres. Bondeanneau showed up with his white clothes, Victor had his white clothes, and he got dunked! Everything went smoothly in that sense. Everything worked out though-- Victor didn't even realize that we went through so much hardship to make it work. But that's what is important- it's for him, not us. I was overwhelmed with joy. He was SO happy too! That's the best part-- he bore a sweet testimony and I was happy about it. Marceline also bore her testimony. There is no drain in the baptismal font- (whose idea was that..?) So we had to bucket out the water- and we're smart and brought shorts and tshirts, because I saw into the future that that would happen. I was happy to do it though. And don't worry, we have plenty of pictures.
The other news... Elder Green is going to a different island!! WHAT?! Well, long story (that I don't even know the details) short, because of a problem with a person who wants to hurt elder green, he can't stay in NC and he left for a different island this morning. SO- I got a call late on April Fools day and they told us this news.. I didn't believe it of course. And said that I would be transferred. Well, it turns out it's true, so I'm going to a new area, and I'm supposed to go there with a mini-missionary-- and we're not sure who it's going to be yet. So that's going to be fun- I have no companion. So I told the whole branch, and they were all sad, we all shed some tears and now I'm out of Tontouta/Boulouparis forever!!! 6 weeks ago I would have killed to be able to get transferred. AND NOW I don't want to go!!!!!! WHAT weird eh? Well I'm sure it will work out. Everything is exploding in that branch- and I'm so so happy to have been part of it all. I will miss that branch and everyone in it so much. I spent about 9 months of my mission in that branch!
So I'm on ville with Elder Turner and Elder Stilson (new guy) waiting to know if I'm going to have a companion.
Also I was able to confirm Victor a member of the church! I was so excited-- my first time! It went well, and he's now a baptized, confirmed.. priest! He also recieved the priesthood. Everything is great.
Well thanks for the package, the pictures, and the words of encouragement. I love you all so much.. I am so excited to see you soon. And so so so so so sad to leave NC! Bittersweet-- I'm scard for this day.. But It will be good. Thanks for everything.! I love you. I have about a billion pictures on this card that you haven't seen- I'll send it as sOON as I get the new one in the mail. Now that I'm on ville- I should get my mail every week.
I'm excited for conference!
Elder Winget