Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a Baptism!

Collin took a picture of himself sending his email this week - I think he looks good! Here's the latest news from his email:

Well there were transfers again, and so me and my compy will be doing Ducos AND VDT again! Crazy. My district was the biggest in NC, but now it's just normal size. It got up to 10 people but now it's just 7. Cool. Anyway, I started out in Paita, went to Ducos/VDT, then Just VDT, then Ducos/VDT, then just Ducos, then Ducos VDT again! Crazy!!

So I'm going to buy a Fijian Sulu - the dress-skirt things that people wear there. They don't wear them here, but I'm going to wear it when I get home for sure.

So someone this week made fun of my French-- she asked us where we're going and i was like Kaméré. then I said something about the voiture (car). She was like Oh you're going to KamERRRRRe? where's your VoituRRRRRRR?? Ha ha! Jerk! I just said have a nice day and left.

Atiu is going to be baptized this Saturday.. No, I don't get to baptize him.. It's going to be his friend Brother Turi. So it's really better that way.. I'd rather him be attached to members than to me. Lots of people here get converted to missionaries and then when they leave they go inactive. But that won't happen with him.. He's just amazing. So i'm sad i don't get to baptize him, but it's better that way anyway.

Anyway, thanks for everything.. I love you!

elder winget

I hope all of you can see this blog! Some people have reported that they can't access it for some reason. I wish I was a computer expert like Collin so I could get to the bottom of this :(

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