Sunday, December 28, 2008

hey, just some things about collin :)

hey y'alls

sorry we've been lazy about posting, we've just been.... well lazy.
collin's been doing really well, and we got to talk to him on christmas and all that fun stuff. he's also singing in a choir. here's a quote that we should have posted when it happened

"Hey! What's up? Well I too am in a christmas choir.. We'll be competing against other churches in the area or something. It's actually really good... usually french speaking people sing very badly. like, seriously. But this choir is going well. I'm really excited for it. I'm actually among the best in the tenors, which i think is funny. i kind of lead the section at times. it's really fun singing in french. i love it."
so yeah, that's the skinny on the choir. today we got a picture of him singing in it (up there ^ ^)
there's more stuff that my mom probably wants on here, but i'll let her handle it, because i want to get back to my dinner :)
thanks for not getting after us for our lazyness about posting :D

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