Sunday, December 14, 2008

here's from the 7th :)

Hi! I'm gonna give a rundown of what happened this week, in case you're interested. This week monday me and Elder Manarani had adventures in Noumea center. We ran around town looking in souvenir shops for random crap and found some cool junk to send to y'all for christmas. We made it back home by bus, having taken all the right busses all day. Awesome! We had never taken a bus to centre ville and were kind of scared, but we made it there and out alive!

We also bought these glue traps for cockroaches and there's like a million in all of them. i'm really happy to see them suffer. they move their little antennas around for days but can't move. and to taunt them a little bit i put a jelly bean in one of them and they all got really excited and tried to rip off their legs but didn't succeed.

I forgot to tell you last week, i did my first talk in sacrament meeting in FRENCH and it was really scary but went really really well. people still tell me that i did a really good job.. 2 weeks later, that's much beyond the required courtesy "good job" so that must mean i actually did well.

we had Zone Conference with President Ostler and President Baxter (mission president, area president and 70) and their wives and it was really really awesome.

Also French is going really well. However I realized I don't understand when French people talk!!! Like, france french people. It's really sad, but i only understand the island accent and vocabulary. and if i were to speak to a proper french person i would definitely sound like a hillbilly, cuz people use a very different (and very incorrect) grammar here. I'm scared to come back and say that i speak "french" and then people will find out i speak "Francais outre mer" outer sea french. meh, whatev. it's alright. it works alright for me, cuz i have never ever taught a french person. they're all really really really mean and hard headed. island people are amazing.

i've been learning a couple phrases in tahitian lately.. it's really awesome. i accidently mix in english when i speak really fast with my copmanion and don't realize it, and he does exactly the same with tahitian. it's funny, i'll say um, was that french??? and he'll say what?? oops!

we only taught 2 lessons this week, but one of them was really really good!!!! We have 2 new investigators.. Marie-Claude and her daughters, whose names i can't remember. they were really excited when we came to the door, had already read the pamplet we have on the restoration, and were ready with questions. they're pentacostal and don't understand the need for organized religion, but we'll fix that. :D we have another rendezvous on Saturday.

That lady that we found that said she had been praying and then we showed up, we saw her finally for the second time yesterday. her schedule is sporatic but she's really excited for us to teach her. we dont' have an appointment but we'll teach her sooner or later and i have a feeling that she will benefit greatly from our message.

We sang in the choir Sunday, and also sang for this Wallisan guy and his family. His daughter is in our Branch, but most of his family is not members. He has been really sick and they thought he was going to die, but he got a blessing and now is doing much better. They asked us to come sing for him. We found out that the doctor said he needed to start speaking, cuz there is this problem in his throat. he hadn't spoken since he got sick months ago and the very first time he spoke was while we were there!!!!! He really apprecitated it and we were happy to be there. we're going back next week too.

um... yeah, i think that's everything that's happened lately. :)

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