Sunday, December 14, 2008

here's THIS week's email :)

Oh yes so i didn't give ya'll a rundown of my week. I put my shirt in the washer and it got a little bit messed up. I turned it inside out, didn't use a ton of soap, only washed it with like 2 other things, put it on cold water only, and did a slow cycle. also dryers don't exist in New Caledonia, so i put it out to dry... and the BEHIND part of the shirt is alll messed up. i'm sad. all the pictures are alright for now though. i've stopped wearing it for the time being.

We had a lesson with a lady named Natalie.. I think I may have mentioned her before. We taught her once before, and since then 2 rendezvous with her fell through.. but this one worked out. she actually cancelled things to keep her rendezvous. It was really awesome. We walked in and before we even started the lesson, she said um, can I have a book of mormon? I really want to read it!! And we're like WAWAAATTT?!?!?!? That is the keyword!!!! We had actually that very morning, put our testimonies in a Livre de Mormon just for her, and brought it with us. I got the warm fuzzies handing it to her and we were really really happy. She had read our pamphlet all the way through twice since our last meeting, started reading her bible again, and noticed the Lord has already been blessing her. She only faught twice with her husband this week, which is down from every day. She was smart enough to attribute this to BLESSINGS instead of coincidence. I'm really really happy about it. The only problem is, she says she can't see us until January. Which worries us. she's going to be out of town and stuff. but we're still goign to stop by to make sure seh's allright.

also we met this guy.. he was a reference given to my companion months ago and he was never ever there.. for some reason (the Spirit) he pulled out his old planner from Ducos and decided to call him on Saturday. It turns out his wife was being stalked or somethign wierd so they never answer the phone to numbers they don't recognize. but today he answered. He's golden. He doesn't smoke or drink, and he's already married. Those are the 3 problems we have with every single investigator ever in the history of New Caledonia. He's friends with lots and lots and LOTS of active members. he sees their good examples and wants to see what's up with them. so then we show up.. he told us he asked one of his friends (who is the 1st councillor in the branch in Tontouta- my old branch) to give his little son a blessing, who was really sick. he excercized his faith and his son is healed. he already has a testimony of the Priesthood. Dang. Golden. I'm thinkin we'll baptize him.

We also taught a lady named Marie-Claude, which i think i already told you about.. maybe? i don't know. anyway, (which made me think about Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise... I actually taught a guy named Jean-Luc in Paita, and met a guy in paita whose last name is Picard. Not the same guy, but both names. awesome, EH??) .. we found her daughter during porte a porte, and kept trying to get a rendezvous but she wasn't really that interested. one day we gave a little kid in the house one of our pamphlet things on the restoration (which means restaurant in french... someone gave a talk about the Joseph Smith Restaurant a couple months ago. i want to eat there! in french it's retablissment.. re-establisment) and left our phone number. ironically, we came by one day and the girl we found originally was not at all interested, but her mom, read the pamphlet twice, loved it. she has already been to church before and saw the missionaries years and years ago and really wanted to get in contact with them again. and then poof we show up at just the right moment. ! We were excited. unfortunately she didn't keep our rendezvous for saturday, which was a shock, but we'll try for the next saturday.

Ummmmmm mhmmmmm... other than that, a giant flying cockroack flew on my head a couple weeks ago at a members house, and i ran out of the house. it was funny. this week we got harrassed by like 10 different drunk guys. once the police actually helped us (usually they do absolutely nothing but give speeding tickets)... but as usual, i'm totally safe. for some reason i'm never scared of these guys, even when they're yelling don't ever come back here again! First and last time in my neighborhood! etc. they're drunk anyway and don't remember ever talking to us. i think it's funny.

Um........ I ate a pizza with potatoes and shrimp on it.. i gave out a book of mormon in vietmamese, i learned some more phrases in tahitan, (including big crap), I got told i speak french really really well, and got told that i don't speak very well but i make do with what i have. :D ha ha. i ate more raw fish, poured coke out the window on a little kid (ha ha, long story) and .... hmm... i found out that the members think i'm cool.

well that's it! ya'll have a great week!

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