Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey everybody,
I'm sorry we haven't updated the blog for a while. We got Collin's memory card shortly after Christmas, but since there were a lot of pictures from other missionaries' cameras, our computer had a hard time reading them (because they were all in different formats). I finally sought professional advice, and after a lot of work, we got MOST of the pictures! some of the files were corrupted and wouldn't work :( So, I will be putting up new Picassa albums and other stuff on Monday. As you might suspect, there are a lot of funny pictures and videos. It's hard to know which ones to post first... but here is a funny story from one of his recent letters:

New Years here is HORRIBLE. All people do is get really really really drunk, pass out and pee their pants, litter EVERYWHERE, and scream WOOOOOO all night. and lots and lots of annoying loud fireworks. We got harrassed by lots of drunk people, and one guy said DONT LIE TO ME, I would LOVE to just punch you guys right now! And I said, you know what? You go ahead. and he was too chicken, and too drunk. Also some reallllly drunk guy came knocking on our door (we have a picture of Christ on our door) and he was like all mad and he said HEY. Who is that?! And we're like um, it's Jesus Christ. and he was like waht?! he goes on and on about how we don't worship images and that we don't really know what Jesus looks like and that we mormons imagine up all this crap and I'm like alright dude none of that is true. and he said you guys will take that off and tear it up RIGHT now! And we're like okay fine. so we took it off and said okay bye and he said i have to go by every morning and see your stupid picture and i'll be really mad if i see it again. and i'm like okay whatever bye. so we put up a Different photo of Christ, one where he's holding a sheep, and later he gets all mad and talks to us again and he's like... Who is that!! And Elder Troutman said um, He's a shepherd. Thanks. Alright we're late for something so bye. Ha ha.

Also, we did service for our area by picking up trash.. We spent about 1 1/2 hours on New Years Day, and filled up 5 garbage bags full... ABout the area of 2 blocks. It was ridiculous how much garbage came from New Years. we got a Really good response from it though, and we were really happy about it. We're going to have to do it again some time.

That's about everything that happend this week. OH i did get your other package, with all the food stuff. Thanks! We'll be eating it soon. :) oh so yesterday I fasted and I sweat sooooo much here cuz it's about 90 degrees here, including inside our house, and so.. yeah. we got home from church, finished our fast, and I drank 3 full liters of juice. Crazy, eh?

That's pretty much all that's happened as of late.

Thanks for the pictures... That's nuts how much snow there is!!!! I miss snow... I wish it would snow for just one day.. I would love it. I am going to FREEZE when I get home.. I'm used to 95 degrees 1000% humidity all day everyday and just a little crappy fan to keep me cool (doesn't really work) and i'm starting to get used to it. when I get home and it gets under 70 degrees my body is going to flip out. :D

Well I love you, thanks for everything. I'll see ya later. :)

Elder Winget

Now, here is a special video message to all of you from Elder Winget. He wants to thank you for the letters and things that you have sent...

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