Thursday, October 16, 2008

More about life in Paita, New Caledonia

I decided it's about time I updated the blog. 
  Here's some excerpts from last week's emails Collin sent to our family:
"we're progressing investigators for the Teigmoin Jehovah missionaries... ( that's Jehovah's Witnesses)... Ha ha ha. they come over every Friday, share with us a message, engage us to go to church and read in the bible... it's really funny to us that we're on the receiving end of the missionaries. We haven't yet gotten to the point that we send little kids outside to say "um, they're not home" or hide in the house and hurry and turn off the music and close all the curtains when their car comes around, like our investigators do to us  :D ha ha. "
 "I don't say too many french words forgetting that they're not really english... yet.  The only ones i do say have to do with mission stuff:
sector=area,   dirigent/chef=uh.. boss or leader, teigmoin Jehovah= Jehovah's Witness. and. i say a couple others but i forget. I'm pretty good at still writing in english."
"That's so crazy that it's snowing in Utah. I forget that snow like.. exists.  Its so warm here all the time. The only time I was cold was back in winter/July and last week when I had a fever. Then I was really cold. But for the most part it's hot all the time. And weird thing about european countries is that NOBODY believes in air conditioning. Nobody. Everyone just opens windows and doors and gets a fan. Even at church we just open all the windows and turn on the ceiling fan. Crazy, eh?"
"oh man conference was so amazing yesterday and Saturday. I did watch it all in english, so I actually got something out of it :D ha ha. And I did see Caleb :) crazy! He's leaving the MTC for Korea tomorrow, by the way!" (Caleb is one of Collin's friends who sang in the MTC choir in General Conference)
 "my schedule is pretty much Monday p-day, then dinner at the Aru family house
Tuesday, district meeting and then proselyting, and this week dinner at Soane's house
Wednesday, just port a porte (door to door tracting), and dinner at the Ahuroa family's house
Thursday is service in the morning, then dinner at Li-Khau family's house
Friday is finding (?) in the morning, weekly planning in the afternoon, then dinner at the Toyons house.
Saturday is just... whatever ( nothing is scheduled yet)
Sunday is church at 9, and then ... do whatever. sometimes dinner on those days too. We get fed every night! Basically, we eat lunch between 11:30 and 1 every day, and dinner is at someone's house... pretty much.
Um. Fabulous. I love you heaps and bounds and elephant pounds
Elder Winget"
Here is a little video clip of some more of the "wildlife" in New Caledonia :) Elder Tekurio was lighting the water heater, then - Surprise!


  1. Collin is so great...
    He talked about Caleb! Yay!
    Caleb is safely in Korea :)

  2. Hi Brittany! (did I spell that right?)
    Your blog for Aaron looks great. He is so funny - even in pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post comments. Hardly anyone else ever does, but a lot of people tell me in person that they like the blog. I haven't seen Caleb yet on the Priesthood session broadcast, but Collin was sure excited to see him over in NC!