Monday, October 20, 2008

Elder Winget's getting transferred!

We got email from Collin yesterday, and he had a pretty eventful week. Here's some of his email:
"Well I'll give you a rundown of my week...    Monday we had a zone p-day kind of thing and played ultimate frisbee on the beach in Noumea... it was so fun! It got CRAZY windy and rainy and impossible to throw the frisbee but it was still so fun. I saw a real life starfish in the wild, and I saw hundreds of tiny tiny crabs!! like...quarter sized! It's a shame I didn't have my camera with me :( Oh well. Tuesday I did an exchange with Elder Payne, who is a newer missionary than I am, and it was scary to be alone with someone who speaks less french than I do!! But we did alright! He thinks he speaks better french than I do, but he really really doesn't.
  BTW random side note .. some weird things I've eaten since I've been here: octopus twice, lobster once, and raw fish many times! Tahitians love this raw fish salad thing and always make it whenever we go anywhere. so yeah. Also people are obsessed with chow mein here. weird. Random NC word: Puree means mashed potatoes but also people use it like a swear like saying holy crap! ha ha! It's because it's kind of close to this other P word that is like an actual swear word. Meh, there's your random fact for the day...
  Saturday was Valerie's baptism, finally... the marriage and baptism went great and perfectly smooth. We had lots of fun at their party thing after the wedding and I got some pretty good pictures. Sunday was Elder Tekurio's last Sunday, so all the missionaries did talks (kinda) Me and Elder Payne just bore our testimonies, but lots of people came up to me and told me my french was perfect so that made me really happy.  French is still ridiculously hard for me but it's getting lots better. On Saturday night we were at the Dinne family house and they speak little little english and usually try to tell me stuff in english, but this time we all talked in french and it worked out really well and they said I'm "beaucoup mieux" than before :D :D :D"
  "OH I JUST GOT TRANSFERS. (like right when he was typing the email) I'm going to Ducos with Elder Manarani, a tahitian who doesn't speak any english at all. OH dear... Ha ha. They're whitewashing Paita and putting in Sisters!!!! Oh my its so scary. We'll I'll tell you how that goes next week!
Love much many moosen,
Elder Winget"

Here's some pics Collin sent us in email. The resolution wasn't very good, so they are small. He didn't have time to describe what's going on in the pictures.  He did say he and Elder Tekurio went to McDonalds for his birthday (Elder Tekurio's), so there he is standing by a McD. sign, but the others I'm not sure of the details.
Well, have a good week everyone!

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