Sunday, October 26, 2008

Collin likes his new companion and area

We just got a new email from Collin! He sent pictures, too! That's his new companion, and a praying mantis they found in their apartment. Here is an excerpt from his email:
"Alright, alright. I'm sure you have many many questions, and I've read all your emails, and sorry I didn't reply very well last week, so you may have to ask me some of those questions again.
I just sent some pictures of my companion and moi, elder tekurio with his presents, which got there about an hour before he left (he was super super excited.. he's going to make a cake in Fiji. I didn't get to see what was wrapped in the green things though, he had to jet. Also the other picture is a praying mantis (religious mantis in french) that we found in the bathroom.

Anyway, Ducos is NOT by any means tiny or island. It's actually one of the biggest sectors here.. It's part of Noumea. I'm right in the city. Well, kind of the Ghetto of the city. but still city nonetheless. Also I have 2 sectors, Ducos and ValeĆ© du Tir. 2 sectors, 2 appartments. there are only 22 missionaries in NC right now, and that's down from 36 so there are lots of sectors that they can't close, but don't have enough missionaries to cover, so there are 3 sets of missionaries covering 2 areas.But because we have a limited number of kilometres (miles they can travel), we can't be going back and forth between 2 areas all day, so we have another apartment so we can sleep there and work in that sector for a few days, then go back to our other sector and work there... make sense any? hope so.
Elder Manarani is really really really nice and awesome. I spoke almost 0 french with Elder Tekurio, so I think this is a punishment as well as a blessing. :D ha ha. I literally think I've learned more french in the past 4 days then in the past 3 weeks in Paita. Channing mentioned in her email asked me if I have noticed a sudden french improval.... Freak, totally. I have the gift of tongues for sure. I KNOW I do. I have no problems communicating with him and I'm so happy to be with him.

The sisters in Paita are doing really really well as well. I showed them their sector and stuff and I think they'll do tons of great work there. I think the sector and the branch were getting a little dry with Elders there. Everyone was so excited when we told them I was leaving and that sisters were coming. :D I thought that meant that they didn't like me, cuz that's the impression that I got and I was really really sad about it.. but then the sisters tell me everyone talks about me all the time and that they really miss me and stuff. So .. . yeah. Good stuff.

The branch in Ducos is really good and lots better than Tontouta branch. I think we'll do really good work there.

Um.... Let me think. I saw a crazy cat lady, for serious, I had another tim tam slam, Elder Manarani told me he's never had a clean freak companion like me besides Elder Tekurio so that's kind of funny.( Collin a clean freak?!? I think I  might faint! ) WE cleaned Vallee du tir appartment today and it was FILTHY and COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE so I was really glad to clean it. I don't think anyone ever cleaned it. We're generally just in the Ducos appartment though, which is generally fairly clean. We'll clean that more later today. Um.... Yeah. So I'm in Noumea these days and I miss all the stars you could see way out in Paita.. Freakin crazy out there, the amount of stars. so awesome. um... I haven't got your letter yet, that dad mentioned, but I haven't got the mail for 2 weeks cuz of a ridiculous stupid "because I said so" rule that the ZLs made that paita wasn't allowed to go to noumea for any reason, besides to kindof noumea/riverre sallee to do internet. that's why the package was so late. it was at the office sitting there for a whole week plus. anyway. i'm in the city now so no problems there... mail twice a week.

Um... quyestions? comments? I liked the pictures that mom and channing sent.. rad costume! we're going to carve some green pumpkins on saturday and i'll send you a picture! also i loved the talking cd and the package a lot lot lot!!! thanks!!!! also there is a very good chance you will meet Elder Tekurio!!! he's coming to utah for conference in april and i said he HAS to go see you guys and he says he will. he will at very least call the house, but he's going to try to come over! :)"
"I love you so much! See ya next week!"

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  1. thats too great! Its me elder tekurio, former comps with both E winget and Manarani! They are the best, and will surely make miracles in their new sector. new cal's choc!