Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elder Winget's Halloween

Here's Collin with the 2 green pumpkins he and Elder Manarani ( the guy with the gummy tongue and fangs) carved on Halloween.  Even in the South Pacific some people celebrate Halloween, but it's not as widespread as it is here. Collin said some of the other missionaries got trick-or-treaters, but he was disappointed that none came to their apartment. :(
 Collin and Elder Manarani don't have to travel back and forth between 2 apartments anymore. They are in the Vallee du Tir (sp?) apartment now, and Elder Amundsen and his companion are in the Ducos apartment. Collin's excited to have Elder Amundsen close by, since he was his companion in the MTC. 
  Unfortunately, I don't have much news this week.  Collin said he typed a big long email, and just when he was about to send it, the server shut down or something, and he lost the whole thing! He had to start all over and he didn't have much time left! He did manage to email us some great pictures.  I've been having trouble trying to post them all at once for some reason, so I'll send the rest in another post.

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