Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here's Collin's birthday present

Tomorrow we're sending out Collin's birthday package. It's cutting it a little close for New Caledonia, but we'll just have to pray it will get there in time. His mail situation has improved a ton, so I'm not too worried.
  So, here's the final product! Channing was kind enough to model it for the blog. On the front of the t-shirt is a copy of his nametag, and on the back are pictures of everyone, or at least all the pictures we could get with the time we had available! If we missed you, I am so sorry... there's always Christmas... The back of the t-shirt says "We're behind you 100%"  ha ha ha...get it? It may be corny, but I know Collin will love it. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed pictures! We know some of you wanted to be on Collin's shirt but didn't get to respond to our email, so we kind of cheated and took some pictures off Facebook :P 
 So Channing and I were at Missionary Mall getting Collin some ties for his birthday today. They are having a huge tie sale, and a bunch of really nice ties are only $1.99! So we had a lot of fun picking out  some ties he would like. If you've ever been there, you've probably seen that they have pictures up on the walls of missionaries all around the world. Well, we brought in that crazy picture of Collin reading Le Liahona and they put it up on the wall right above the drinking fountain. So if you ever go to Missionary Mall and you get thirsty, you will get your chance to see Collin's insane grin!


  1. That is Awesome!! It turned out soooo good! Great job you guys, I think he's gonna love it! ;)

  2. I see my face on it! I didn't even know anything about this...but it's awesome.

  3. I liked what you did to Caleb with his hand in someone's mouth..... funny!