Thursday, March 26, 2009

  Here's some excerpts from the latest email we received from Collin:

So this week was fairly uneventful I guess. Everything fell through as usual, but we did have a super awesome District conference- district as in the New Caledonia district, not the elder winget district-- it's same name but different. confusing. anyway, Elder Callister (not spelled right ) came- a seventy - and it was super great. I took some good notes too. I wanted to share some stuff to you guys, but I don't have my notes with me. Next time. He also came to our Zone conference yesterday- which is why I'm writing emails on Tuesday instead of Monday. Anyway. It was super amazing and he talked about a lot of stuff that seemed like EXACTLY what I needed and I think a lot of people felt the same way. Things are going pretty well but still hard. the district is going alright. I have noticed that stuff are not going perfectly, and the work is slowing down even from where it was before-- and so everyone in the mission is slightly discouraged. I've been trying really hard to motivate everyone and stuff, and I think things are getting better. We'll be having a few baptisms in the district soon. Also we did an exchange with Borail elders while they were there - Elder Morril and Flanagan. Meh, I can't remember what happened this week. I'm sorry this week's emails are lame - I'm supposted to see president for my interview soon so I have to go back. Anyway, the week was good, the investigators are still pretty lame but Marie Jean is progressing.

I'm super scared for the economy these days... Nothing has hit here I guess. It's oblivious to live on an island. I think prices have been going up though so people have been going on strike more often.

I'm not as dedicated as I wish I was.. I'm trying a lot and we're trying really hard to improve. It's hard sometimes, but it's worth it.. I think. Actually I am seeing less success now that I'm more obedient and consecrated than when I wasn't. Ironic. Oh well.
Sorry this is lame.. I'm out of time. I love you though and keep going-- persevere to the end! (we say that in french, not endure)
Elder Winget

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