Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big screen TV in a grass hut? DO READ.

We finally got an email from Collin from new caledonia! Here it is. It's pretty great :)

Hey so I'm in New Caledonia right now.. Cool, eh? It's 10:35 AM and I'm in a very small city named La Foa on exchanges with an Elder named Huuti. He's Tahitian. So my P-Day is on Monday, but there is nowhere that has internet on Mondays so we end P-day an hour earlier and do Email on Tuesdays. And due to weird circumstances I didn't get to do email on Tuesday, so Here I am on Wednesday Morning doing email.

General info: My companion is Elder Tekurio who is from Tahiti, but lived in Florida for 23 years.. So he's American. Pretty much. He's really cool and we get along great. The French is really hard, and I currently don't understand a word anyone says, but everyone understands me. Weird, but whatever. We have taught some great lessons and yesterday with Elder Huuti we went to a Tribe.. With a real Chef (Chief), Kaz (grass huts) and everything! But the bizarre part is one of the families we taught had a big screen tv and a really nice laptop inside their shack. I really don't know what that's all about. Everything here is... weird. Half the stuff is really really third worldish, and then people also have REALLY western everything! Everyone speaks french, and here and there we run across someone who speaks a little English, but everyone seems weirdly obsessed with americans. So they love me. Even though I don't say anything. Ha ha. One of the member families we taught a family home evening lesson with and the fed us were like talking to me in english and they gave me this skirt thing (i'm not sure what it's called here) like a lava lava and they were like obsessed with me. Elder Tekurio said that was the most excited he'd ever seen them. Elder Tekurio is completely fluent in English and French, cuz he lived in America for so long, but also lived in Tahiti for a while, and he only speaks french to people.. So if you ask them, he understands English but doesn't speak any. It's funny.

We don't have any pictures yet, but we hope that soon we'll get one of his little man skirt.  :D


  1. Hahaha.
    Those silly New Caladonians.
    This is super exciting to read... He's going to do so great! Well, he already is. I'm sure everyone loves him :)

  2. That is awesome that they love him just because he is American! But what's not to love about Collin? I love reading this blog! It's really awesome to get immediate updates on him, and know how to get a hold of him. Keep up the good work you guys! :-)

  3. Caleb is in the MTC going to Busan Korea, his website is http://www.missionsite.net/anderson I sent him Collins latest blog on dearelder.com
    Janae Anderson