Monday, July 7, 2008

Elder Winget traveled through time!!!

Collin has arrived safely in Fiji, and will be going to New Caledonia on Wednesday morning. Since his flight went out from L.A. at almost midnight, and Fiji/New Caledonia is a day ahead of us timewise, Collin skipped July 6th entirely  and arrived in Fiji 10 hours later on July 7th! Whoa... that's weird to think about. Collin's cousin, Matt, and his wife Deneal, have been living in Fiji while Matt works at the U.S. Embassy there.  They couldn't pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet for a little while at the mission home before Collin leaves for New Caledonia. Lucky for us, they took pictures and video, and emailed them to us! Yay! I hope this link to the video works, but if not, be patient with us and we will figure something out.  BTW, the password to view, if you need it, is "collin"

Alas, it seems that you can't click on this link after all, BUT if you highlight that vimeo address and copy and paste it into the address bar, it works. I will try to put it in the links section maybe tomorrow, and that should be better. Man, modern technology makes it so much easier for a mom to have a missionary half-way around the world  :)


  1. aaaw, he still says "n' stuff" just like when he was a little boy :).

  2. Everything I would say, I have already said many times on the blog.
    I love this boy, and miss him, and he totally cracks me up, even through video.
    And his short hair makes me giggle a little bit to myself.

  3. his short hair and dark glasses look sooo different than what I'm used to! Thanks for always looking at our blog and thanks for your comments!