Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to write to Collin

Here's the official word from the Fiji Suva mission office on how to write to Collin:

Dear friends and family of a New Caledonia missionary,
  Our missionaries are thrilled to recieve letters and packages from home. Such signs of love mean a lot to every missionary.  However, please be aware that when you send mail and packages to the mission office in Suva, Fiji, it costs the mission large sums of money and a much longer delivery time to forward your letter or package on to New Caledonia.
  Therefore, please note the following address to which you should send your packages and letters to have them delivered more quickly, and at no extra cost to the mission:


Elder Collin Winget
Bureau de la Mission
B P 15154
98804 Noumea Cedex

Bureau de la Mission
B P 15154
98804 Noumea
ATTN: Elder Collin Winget

Please make sure for packages you have the missionary's name AFTER the address.  The value limit is $2oo.  All receipts must accompany the items. Remove CD's from packaging.  Only send 2 or 3 similar items such as shirts, pants, socks, ties.  They are suspicious of items for resale.  Do not send jerky or medications, they will be destroyed.

Sister Robbins
Mission secretary
Fiji Suva mission

So, Channing and I were wondering... what have they got against jerky anyway? We were imagining all the possible reasons we could think of for destroying jerky, and Channing illustrated our crazy thought processes.

(not sure if this is clickable, so if it's not, you can just copy and paste it.) 

BTW, it will cost 94 cents to send a letter to New Caledonia, and it should take approx. 6 days.


  1. Hahaha.
    Nice illustration Chan, I loved it.
    For real though, jerky??
    Of all things.

  2. Any food could be "suspicious" can't send food that will spoil...jerky doesn't! plus, it's super yummy :P Anyway, I have pictures to send him, I'm so excited that it's only like a buck, that's awesome! also, the pic url didn't work :(

  3. well i guess i won't be able to send him any of my famous beef jerky cookies then...

  4. Thanks for letting us know how to write to Collin. I'm glad he's there and safe. By the way, is there electricity in the hut with the Big Screen TV? Weird!