Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Sad Story... But with a Happy Ending :D

  Here is an excerpt from Collin's email from last week.  This is part one of the story. Then read his email from today - we're so glad things worked out so well! (the picture is unrelated)

This saturday we were walking by Geant- the grocery store we always shop at, and it was closed. Then we see all this weird stuff going on... We're like, woah, what's going on? Turns out they're striking.. it's very weird. We walked by the first time and didn't want to get involved-- just a bunch of drunk people standing by the doors listening to loud music... so then later we walk by and we're like... what are you guys doing? And they're like We're striking! And we're like.. do you even work here? And they're like... no, we're just supporting the workers from here. The boss isn't fair. or something. So we keep talking and they're like hey, you want some food? So they're doing this BBQ and.. They fed us!! I ate so much BBQ chicken and rice, I was so full. They were way nice, and weird. Usually strikers are like... violent, eh? Well, they weren't that day! So They told us over and over not to show any pictures to the police- and that if the media tells us that they're mean, not to believe them!! They're way nice. So I took lots of cool pictures...

Then later that day, we had a soccer activity and took some of our investigators- it was an activity for the Elders quorum and stuff- so we played a little bit and I brought a little bag just with my camera and planner and they key to the house, since I didn't have pockets. We played around for a while, and then when I came back.. My bag was gone!!! So, no more camera. That's pretty rad. I'm now cameraless. Fortunately I had copied most of my pictures on my other memory card, and I just sent it in the mail. But What kinda sucks is that.... I have no camera. Dang.
  Okay, now here's today's email  :D

I went to the store to check out how much a new camera was... There were some awesome cameras... But guess how much it would cost me.. No guess....... Okay, the cheapest decent looking camera would come out to be around 200 dollars, okay not horrible-- but a camera that I would actually like-- SIX HUNDRED! Which would end up being about 650 dollars... So I'm like... Yeah, not happening! So I was all bummed, not sure what to do... No money, and even if I did have any, it would just kill me to buy a camera that would cost 150 in america for 600 dollars.

So later that night.. We went to this investigator's house, and started talking, and he's like oh hey, I got something for you-- and I'm like oh cool, does he have my hymn book? (sooomeone has it..) and I'm like hmm, maybe not.. What does he have.... I'm thinking.. then I'm like OH he must have my SACK! And sure enough, he did!!!! Not to be racist or anything, but the stereotypical Kanak guy isn't very honest.. When we first met this dude he was carrying a planter full of marijuana... But he hadn't stolen anything! He was so great, this is the most different kanak guy I've ever met in this country. I'm actually really proud of this guy. I am really happy! I have my camera back!!!

I had to give a talk at church on sunday, and it was decent. I talked about la perseverance jusqu'à la fin.. endure to the end. It was a good idea (they said to talk about whatever) and what I prepared was actually pretty good, but I didn't deliver it very well. I'll be happy to give a talk in english one day.

Zone conference is tomorrow and I love it. They kind of wanted me to translate, but it's hard because I don't get to like... Get anything out of zone conference. I never realized how little of the talk I actually end up understanding when I'm just taking it in in French and spitting it out in English. I remember a few talks that I have no clue the subject... But I heard and said the entire thing. So I wanted someone else to do the translating for this conference. Maybe next time.

So we talked to some interesting people this week-- this one guy told us he believes in Jesus but he thinks he was a persian general who died at 120 of old age. (????) He's a sort of crazy guy. Almost too smart for his own good.. But then not THAT smart. Just weird.

Things are going fine with my companion and my area.. We do need to pick it up a little bit in some areas sometimes, but we'll get it. I'm starting to realize the beauty of this country... It really is amazing. The weather is perfect, the people are really nice, the food is good, and I'm happy to be a missionary. I love sharing the gospel. I hope I get to do more of it when I go home too. I want to keep the spirit with me and not just go home like some other missionaries and go back to "normal life". I want to be normal, but better. I want to go back to normal life, sure, but I want to be better. I think this mission stuff has changed me and I like it.

Well, we are pretty happy and proud of Elder Winget at our house  :)

p.s. I'm having problems with spacing and the size of the characters in this blog post, so if it turns out weird when I publish it... remember that I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time!  Collin's the computer expert, not me!

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  1. I am so jealous of Collin! I want to go to Figi!