Tuesday, August 26, 2008

finally, a new post!

Hello all you loyal and patient blog readers! I really underestimated how busy I would be doing all the back-to school stuff! Now I have a few minutes to sit down and let you know Elder Winget is indeed alive and well in New Caledonia. The above picture is from when he was in Georgia. We still haven't received any New Caledonia pictures yet, but Collin let us know that his memory card is on its way here, and hopefully we will get it sometime this week. Also, I will put in the very next blog all the interesting FAQ about Collin's life in the islands that our family asked in emails and his answers. He has had a baptism already, and another scheduled for September. He has seen giant bugs, tiny house-lizards, and is slowly adjusting to the unusual Polynesian version of French that is spoken there. I actually need to go now, but will post more later today :D Thanks everyone who reads this and for the gentle reminders that you want more Elder Winget info. That makes us and Elder Winget happy  :)

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  1. Haha, Chan.
    Did you love my 'gentle' reminder on facebook??
    Seriously, love you.
    And Collin :)