Monday, June 2, 2008

Collin sent new pictures today!

Collin is posing with  Jean-Luc Picard that Channing made for him. ( Will he ever make his bed?  oh well) He is doing great! Take a look at the new pictures he sent us -Channing will post a link to the left called" MTC part deux" Check it out, there's some good ones.
  Here's some quotes from Collin's latest letters:
"MTC is great, but I can't wait to leave!"
"I'm so excited to go to New Caledonia that it's ridiculous.  On Sunday I decided that we are just going now, even though we're by no means ready."
"Thank you for all the prayers. I am getting along great here and I know it's because of your prayers and everyone else's :) Thank You!"  And last but not least, "Oh, and nobody from the ward ever writes me... Why?"
  So, come on everybody, let's all send Collin letters!  Just click on the link to the left -, and you can send him a free letter.  It only takes a few minutes, and the letters get printed up and delivered every weekday at noon. the Elders in the MTC get their DearElder letters delivered to them while they are eating dinner, so it's pretty fun for them.
 Well, enjoy the pictures!

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