Friday, May 9, 2008

I just figured out how to do links!

 ( from Kristie) I am so proud of myself !  This is a big deal, because Collin, who is a computer genius, always did everything  for me on the computer.  Now our family is forced to muddle through things without him for a while.  Collin really had us spoiled, I guess!  Anyway, check out the links over to the left - "Collin's mission- related websites". DearElder is the easiest, most convenient way to send a letter to Collin, and he reports that he LOVES getting DearElder letters.  The New Caledonia site is a great one to get an idea of where in the world he will be -  just check out the interactive map, it's pretty fun. When I find other sites of interest I will put them in the links section, so I can try out my new skills.

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