Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lots of New Stuff! part 2

Ha ha... Me and Elder Green convinced this kid that he doesn't want to go to America- he was saying how America is so great blah blah blah and we're like well, there are lots of problems too. Like, bears. And he's like huh? Yeah, bears in the streets. Thousands of them. In all major cities. Hundreds of people get mauled per month. And he's like well, why don't you shoot them? And I'm like um, environmentalists. It's illegal to shoot them.. Even in self defence. You get put in prison if you do. And he's like wow that's lame... Why don't you just go into the forest? And we're like um.. Forest fires. Everywhere. Millions of acres. And he's like wow.. america sounds dangerous.... Then he went and asked Elder Payne if it's really like that and he's like .. what? no.. And so our cover was blown. Dang. That was a few weeks ago though.

This week we went to the beach on monday- Kuendo Beach in Nouville. It's really pretty. It was really fun. We actually caught a small sting ray too! it was really cool. I saw A sting ray, a squid, lots and lots of little fish, and 3 sea snakes! All this week. They just came up to the shore randomly. We actually caught the sting ray and touched it and stuff. On Wednesday a girl threw up on Elder Green in the bus.. She's 15 and was kind of drunk. It was funny. It was only a little bit of barf. Embarrasing for her though.

And then we saw these drunk OLD WHITE men (weird..) tangled up on the ground.. Apparently the one guy had hit the other guy or something and they both fell to the ground. One guy was gushing blood out of his eye and the other guy was SO drunk.. Drunkest I had ever seen anyone in my life. He couldn't stand up. And he kept saying Je rend chez moi - I'm going home - and we're like um.. How? You're going to get hit by a car. So a passersby took the one bleeding guy to a hospital and we walked the other drunk man home. He was so drunk.. Me and elder green had to stand on either side of him and hold him up and walk really slow. That was silly. But lots of people saw us and were like awww, les freres you do such good's annoying when people just swear at us and we want to say hey, we're actually here for your salvation, give me some credit. But then when people actually see us doing service, maybe the next time they won't cuss at us. We'll see. There aren't too many people in this city so it's pretty easy to be seen. :P Other than that not a lot happened. We're going back to the beach today and then on Tuesday the entire mission is being transferred- besides me and elder green and dumbea elders. Literally. Its really shaken up. Elder green is going to be district leader.

Anyway... The yellowstone thing sounds fun.. It will be weird to come see mountains and bears instead of ocean ocean ocean. I really like the ocean a lot.. And there is a lot of it here. Since Noumea is a small peninsula (in french is presqu'ile- almost island) on a small island, there is water in every direction. And it's pretty. There's not a lot of ocean in Utah.. But that's okay. I'm excited to see what's changed. I was amazed when I got here that there's actually lots of mountains. I'd be interested to know the highest elevation.. On one of the mountains I heard it gets down as low as 40 degress! Holy cold... 80 degrees is fine with me. Why is it snowing in August at yellowstone? Weird.( we just got back from Yellowstone last week )
Well, that's the news from Elder Winget from the last month. Right now I am just waiting here at the computer for today's email... so when I get the latest from Collin I will post it right away this time :D
Thanks for reading!

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