Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Winter in New Caledonia

Hello! This is Elder Winget again.. It might be getting boring but here we are again. So this week was you know, same old same old. We're doing this choir missionary fireside thing on the 26th for like pioneer day.. And guess what- We're singing! Too much. We're actually singing this whole program thing for Joseph Smith (almost like pioneers..) And somehow the cat got let out of the bag that I can sing-- I was actually singing in the back of the Mautz' car (the senior couple) and he was like Wow! You should be singing! And I'm like noo...... So I'm singing like.. A duet kind of thing. Which is actually a solo part that we're singing in two- so I'll be singing with Elder Troutman. It will be interesting. And what would a pioneer celebration be without.. Dun dun dun.. Faith in every footstep!! Of course. It's cool in French though. I kinda like singing in French. I've started subconsciously unintentionally memorizing the hymns in French-- and forgetting them in English. It's weird.. I was trying to be dumb during church and sing in English and started singing Hail to the man who communed with Jehovah... Then when it got to the chorus I couldn't remember and started singing Ô grande prophète la belle victoire...... Silly me. It also takes me like an hour to figure out the words to Love One Another in English.. I sing Aimez vos frères so much. Anyway, so that's that. So the other day we were looking for Gerome- he's NEVER at home- and we came across his dad. Who is very nice, and pentocostal and hasn't been super interested in the Gospel. But always offers to give us rides places and stuff cuz we come over to see Gerome so often. Normally we go over there and he's not there so we talk to his family- and even though they're not interested in the Gospel, they like us a lot and always talk to us and we teach them silly little phrases in English - like See Y'all Later. Ha ha. So this time we talked to Gerome's dad - Marcel- and we're like hey when can we come over and teach you? And he's like oh, you know, huh? And we're like yeah, can we come over and tell you about all this missionary stuff we do? And he's like um, sure. Come over Saturday at 2. And we're like oh, that won't work for us, there's absolutely a baptis---- (then we SMACKED ourself in the forehead) Do you want to COME to a baptism?? You know, see how that works chez nous? And he's like sure! Come over and we'll go together. So we went, and he came! There was alcohol on his breath, but he still drove safely. We went in and this Wallisian guy got baptized- it was cool, and he liked it. So tonight we're actually going to do a lesson with him. Goes to show how important it is to just TALK to people! Even people who you'd think wouldn't be interested in the Gospel- Missionaries' objective is to Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel by faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentence, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. (that was hard to figure out in english.. :)) so really, we just need to invite everyone-- even if we think they won't accept. So that's cool, eh?

So we had a lesson with Soane and his... girlfriend.. and it went really well. Vaea (his gf) had a question in church about the fall- why is it a good thing? There wasn't enough time to explain it enough in church, so we came by and taught about the plan of salvation later. So Soane, who never understands the scriptures very well at all - (he's "not a guy who reads much" says he) we gave them a brochure and told them to read 2 Nephi 2. We came back to teach it to him, and SOANE explained the whole thing!!!! I was so amazed- he never understands when we read scriptures with him, but he understood completely. So we talked to him, and he was saying to us- He doesn't quite know why he let us in- he always violently opposed the Teigmoins from coming over- when we saw him at first, he actually INVITED us to come over- I was just talking and I gave him a brochure- and felt prompted not to rush into saying well, can we come over, etc. But he's like well, do you guys just wanna come over and teach me? And we're like, YES! So he said later, he doesn't know why he reads the BOM or the brochures or anything- he's not a guy who reads much. He has never read the bible, or any other books, and doesn't even read the contracts he has to sign for work- he always skims or has someone else read it and summarize. But he's read lots in the BOM since we gave it to him and two entire brochures. He doesn't know why he comes to church - he assumed it would be a just teaching at home thing, and never anything more. He planned on saying "no" if we invited him to go to church - but he came! Then we were talking about blessings he's felt- and he said well a big one is that I've stopped drinking. Just says it all non-chalantly. And we're like .... Huh? The very first lesson with him he asked us if drinking was a sin (He drank a LOOOOT!) and we hesitated... (not really knowing how to explain it on such short notice) but said yes it is. And he's like... Oh. So this last time, he's like yeah, I haven't touched alcohol since the first lesson with you guys! (which is like, 4 weeks ago) And we're like.... Wow!! So really, him and his wife have made huge progress. He says I'm not quite ready to be baptized (which means he's thought about it and is considering it) -- we told them to read 2 Nephi 31, which talks about baptism.. But he'll get there, I'm sure of it. I think we're witnessing miracles with this dude-- He's changed so much already.

So, yeah. Also we talked to a drunk guy who, first of all, said he's literally drunk all the time. He wakes up in the morning, and drinks. Drinks all day. And at night, he drinks. That's what a lot of people do, but he's the first to admit it. Anyway, he told us how he doesn't believe us or our "John Smith" story- and we're like well, do you see Joseph Smith anywhere on my badge? It says the Church of Jesus Christ- and he's like well, He's a myth too! And I'm like.. What? Didn't you say you're protestant? And he's like yes. And I'm like how can you be protestant and not belive in Jesus Christ? And he's like Protestant means I protest YOU guys! And everyone! And i'm like, uh, come again? So being protestant to him means that he just protests all religions. So we made fun of him for a while, asking him if he protests big cars or white people or america, which he gave us rambling answers. He also said that God gives him almighty powers when he drinks, and he can predict the future. He was a silly guy!

So that's about all that's happened this week. It was actually really cold this week- the first really cold day I happened to get a freaking rad HAT in the mail.. :D I love it!(I knitted him a hat, BTW) So its interesting how when it's 100 degrees in Utah, it's cold here. So we went home and it started POURING rain- so I put on my hoody and hat, and made hot chocolate (which I do a lot actually, even in the summer. It's a french thing to dip baguettes in hot chocolate, isn't it? We call it Milo here though.) and sat outside with my mug and watched the rain. It's sad to see how much of a wuss I've gotten- I get chilly if it's under 75 degrees, and downright cold if it gets down to 60.
Anyway, I guess we call this winter- people just call this the cold season. They think it's weird that it's summer in America- and so do I.. I always picture it snowing over there and then when I get your emails I'm always confused for a split second.
So, that's about all. I love you alot.

ELder Winget
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