Monday, May 25, 2009

For the Strength of the Youth!

  Here's the letter Collin sent me this week -last week he was at a different place for internet and he had to use a french keyboard that was really difficult to type on, so we didn't get much news. But it was SO FUNNY to read his emails and see him struggle with spelling and typing, so if I have time I might post an excerpt from last week just for laughs... 

Hi Mom! Sorry the email from last week was so lame.. We took the bus down to magenta to do internet.. This place lets me use the USB ports, so I can change the keyboard and upload pictures. I will put a couple in here, and I'm working on getting my memory card to send home. Be excited. But not too excited-- I have no idea when I will have time to get it there.
So anyway, I'll tell you about this last 2 weeks.. Yes, we DID go to a catholique church, just for kicks and giggles. It was fun. And really weird. But cool. Our rendezvous fell through and we heard the church bells ringing-- and we said to each other, well it's time to go to mass!! So we did. We got lots of dirty looks from the devout catholics but it was fun anyway.
So on Saturday we were talking to this kid and he had this planter pot and we're like hey, what are you growing? and he's like oh, you know, pretty flowers! He had these little tiny plants. And we kept talking.. And it turns out it was just POT. ha ha! So he told us all about his pot growing activities and stuff.. He was only 17! But then we talked to him for like 25 minutes about how drugs and drinking ruins your life and we convinced him.. And we're like so, do you want to stop? And he's like yeah, well.. yeah.. and we're like alright, so the first step is to come to church tomorrow. Will you come? And he's like oh yeah sure.. (we get that all the time..) and we're like really? Like, actually? And he was like yes of course! And we're like.. Promise?? And he said YES.
Later we were teaching these kids from Vanuatu- turns out they're all here for school staying in this lady's house-- she takes them all in, not asking for pay, and gives them all a nice place to stay and eat and hang out while they're going to school here. Vanuatu is an absolutely dirt poor country that's also in my mission. So lots of people come either here or australia or whatev for school. So she's way great. So we start teaching all these kids (they're all about 18-21 years old) and there's like.. 10 of them! So we start teaching them all lessons, and some are more interested than others, but yeah. At the end we invited them all to come to church and they said YES we will be there!

So. I wasn't sure whether to believe these people.

Also, we have this guy named Dominique, an ami that was found by elder Amundsen and Aiho while they were here in VDC. He is way good and is at church every week. We also have this ami named Ausia. He's amazing and a half. He's read the entire BOM, D&C, PMG, and most of the JS manual.. And he quit his girlfriend so he could get baptized. He's at church every week. He'll be baptized soon.

We didn't get Dominique a ride to church, so he didn't show up. But Ausia showed up. So we were waiting out at the gate waiting for all these kids to show up.. And we waited... and waited.. and waited... nothing. We were very disappointed. So we went inside for Sacrament meeting and listened to all the annoucements and such then during the sacrament song someone taps me on the shoulder and said hey, did you guys invite a bunch of Vanuatais to church? And we're like... YES! So they were all hanging out outside.. And we're like WOAH you guys actually showed up! And they're like.. Sorry we're late. So as we're talking to them, the POT kid showed up too!!!!! I was utterly amazed. SO many people promise me they'll come to church....... and don't. But SEVEN investigators of ours showed up at church this sunday! It was amazing! Also- I talked to Ducos elders and they said 2 of the people I worked really hard to teach want to get baptized! I'm happy. My work in Ducos is going to pay off in like 5 baptisms... Maybe. 1 for sure, and then quite a few others, maybe. Here in VDC some great stuff is happening.. I'm hoping that will end up with a few baptisms.. or something. At very least, that's the most people I've had during Sacrament at once in my whole mission.

So here's some pictures.. A tiny car, me talking to you guys on the phone, and Elder Green, hanging out with some kids we found on the street.

So.. that's about all that's happened this week.

Oh and I DID get the package you guys sent me... THanks!!! It was great... I loved it! I am working on devouring it.

So now for the reply.

That's way rad you guys got to go to the Temple thing.. I would be happy to go to the temple these days. I could use some Motab Cds..

Families are so important--- I teach that all the time. Even here people realize how much satan is attacking their familes. It's really important to hang out with the family and like.. Do stuff. Spiritual stuff.

Wow, sorry I don't have very much time, but I love you a lot and I enjoyed the pictures.. Thanks a billion! Have a very super sunday.

Elder winget

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