Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"good golly goats, that is a lot of drugs" read on for more info...

  Well, here is some of Collin's email from this last week... it looks like he had an eventful week. He sure seems to run into a lot of drunk /stoned people lately... I guess it keeps life interesting!

Conference was amazing-- I loved it. I was really sad when it was over. Our amie Marie-Jean was there and she really enjoyed it. I also did my very first baptismal interview as a district leader- a candidate from Mont Dore. His name is Rodolph. - I didn't spell it right. it's like rudolph the red nosed rain deer, except for ro as in road. Anyway, he was great and I was really excited to tell him that he cleared!
Also, this last week Marie Jean was talking and she was like so I was telling my mom how I wanted to be baptized, and that I was going to be baptized soon - as if it was a matter of fact that we all knew already... Rad! We talked to her a little bit about baptism and we're going to hopefully give her a baptism date on Thursday for maybe this May. Cool, eh!?
I'll take some pictures in front of both of my apartments.. I don't take a lot of pictures anymore-- I've made a personal goal to take pictures every single week. Hopefully I can keep up with it. I'm getting bored with all the stuff that isn't mission work lately.. I don't write letters or take pictures or have fun or anything. It's getting rather stressful. But it's cool.
so this week we were walking through Montravel - the ghetto-est part of Vallee Du Tir and there were crazy people all over the place and this dude came up to me and he was like do you have any books or something to give me? And I was like um, sure. And I gave him a Le Plan du Salut (plan of salvation) brochure and he's like yeah.. Can I have like 3 more? And I'm like uh, why? And he's like yeah actually this is good.. but do you have any that are like more scary? like MORMONS - THE LAST DAYS or something? You know, something that would scare my friends into being good. I'm like uh... and he's like yeah, I am like selling drugs and stuff and so I'm trying to stop so I wanted some stuff to get me to stop. (while he's talking he has this HUGE bag in his hands) and he's like oh so this is all marijuana.. and cocaine! And I'm like oh my good golly goats that is a lot of drugs. So we pretty much just said um, peace out and ran to the car and got out of there.. It was a scary place. And so then we went to Pierre Lenquette - these tall apartment buildings in Montravel - where our branch mission leader lives; he had invited us for dinner - and this dude was passed out drunk right in front of his door!! I litterally had to step over him to knock on the door. LOL, drunk people. His wife answered the door and was like what the!?
Um, other than that one of our amis dropped us.. We went to his house for our rendez-vous and he said oh, so here. And hands us our Livre de Mormon and says i didn't read it. Thanks. Bye. And I'm like frantically uh, crap, uh.. can we do service for you or... Something???? and he's like no it's okay. And we're like uh, does that mean you don't want us to come back anymore? and he's like thanks bye. Dang. he's a nice guy. Oh well, maybe some day.

Anyway, I hope you guys noticed some of the topics ( at General Conference) that came up over and over-- go to the temple. even just touching the temple. Pay tithing. Have faith- even when it's hard. Think of your Net Faith - (I loved this one) and do all that you can to improve your faith. Study the scriptures!! Don't think about WHAT CAN CHURCH DO FOR ME? but what can I do for them!? (That's a huge one with people around here..) lots of other ones. I'm downloading a few talks to listen over agian.. i'm excited for it. I loved conference so much!!!! Now the important thing--- apply! Don't just enjoy, but apply. I'm going to work on that one as much as possible.

Well I'm going to teach a lesson tonight about the Atonement .. It will be great. I love the doctrine of the Atonement. I loved Elder Holland's talk too. Choc.

ELder wianget
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